Comfort-From-Christ and Live

This Web site is made just for YOU and especially for those who are Sick, Depressed, Abused, Unhappy
And Lonely, but Christ wants all to come to him.
‘Matthew 11:28’’
‘’ Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’’

WHY Christ
Let me explain, God knows all things and from the time he created man and before, he knew how weak we are and how we will turn out over the 1000’s of years, he knows the beginning and the end.
As he created us he made us with Freedom of choice, otherwise how could we be individual and in doing
Will not interfere with us
So in order for us to be redeemed, he needed to come to earth as a human and be born on earth so he created his son, Jesus, now this bit is beyond our  comprehension, Jesus is god and is the son of god and is the Holy Spirit, so in fact Jesus created us.
He choose his parents and was Born, Why
was he and did he want to be amongst us, well he came to save us from our badness (sins), he wanted to die for our sins so we don’t have too, he suffered as a human and spilt his blood so we would be cleansed of our sins by his blood and suffering. HE DID THAT FOR US.
Because he loves us and wants to redeem us
just as we want to redeem a bad or naughty son or daughter, after all he is our father in heaven, bUT we cannot come to the father of god only through the son (Jesus) who also is god .
What this means is that we have a choice and it’s up to us not God how we end up after all things.
WE have to make the decision to follow the son of god and it’s up to us to choose.
He does NOT want slaves he wants us to be family, BUT we HAVE to choose,
so there is only one way if we want eternal life.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the Life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live

So if you want eternal life follow him.
But YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE, it’s quite simple believe or disbelieve, there is no in between
However Faith is just trust and belief and I know that you can have proof, if you choose to talk daily and pray daily to him, about your problems or need certain proof, but be careful, don’t test him, ask him
With respect and humbleness I mean he is the creator of the universe so have respect and answers will come to you, HELP will come to you, don’t expect  IT instant, TIME IS DIFFERENT THERE.
But it can also happen instantly.

Get to know him and ask him for help

NOT Only that  but if you pray to Him, he will listen and IF YOU ask for help It will come, I cannot PROVE TO YOU about God the father or The son. I am Not saying that as I DO NOT KNOW, I have not met him or them or been to heaven.
BUT I have Felt Him and his love
But my experiences and  help I know I have received are Proof enough , You see I have No DOUBTS at all because I HAVE HAD PROOF of what Jesus can do ,READ ON

I am just a Lucky guy who has found not only my savior, but my best friend also, let me tell you what happened to me.

About 25 years ago I went to the doctors as I was getting some pain in my legs at night, the doctor
Checked me over and found it was my hips as I had very little movement in my hips, so he put me to a specialist, it took several months and I was not in pain.
When I went to my appointment before seeing the specialist they gave me an x-ray, and then the specialist saw me, the first thing he said was you must be in pain, I said
why he said I will show you your x-ray your hips are very bad and he also asked why I did not have sticks , I said I don’t need them and I am not in pain, now I had been praying a lot 2 or 3 times a day?.
Any way he said due to my age, it would pay to wait until I am in pain, he would then replace my hips as both would need replacing.

He went on to tell me that they are very expert in replacing them and very little risk, however due to my age, I would need another replacement in my life time and 2nd replacement is far more risky, so he advised me to wait , so I did

5 years later I began to get pain and sleep was becoming bad  so doctor put me on co-coda mol at night, and sent a letter to the specialist this took 6 months to get appointment ,
By the time I got the appointment, I was stooped over and in pain and had a job walking.
I prayed every day in humility for help.

The night before my appointment I was in bed, crying in pain and I asked Jesus please lord help me to sleep.

THERE was a knock on the bedroom door and I felt a presence come into the room and it felt
Loving, hard to put into words, I feel after much thought since then Jesus sent the Holy spirit, Jesus heard my pleas and felt my pain-then suddenly
I then felt extreme cold on my feet, then it warmed and it was like a scan the warmth moved slowly up my legs and went over all my body.

I must have lay there for hours , completely relaxed and no pain, suddenly I realized , IHAD NO PAIN, I wept with joy I felt high on the holy spirit and fell asleep.

The next day I got up NOT stooped over, NO pain and I had this day my appointment with the specialist, I got re x-rayed, then went into his room, and he told me I had more cartilage than on my previous x-ray ,so I told him what had happen to me, he suggested I wait again to have replacement hips , I mean Jesus didn’t make me whole ,I was not cured , but I was able to live my life, and I have been able to now for 25+ years after my first doctors visit.

So if your lonely, in pain, unhappy and don’t know what you want in life TALK TO our Creator
He loves You , He died for You, put your total trust in him and YOUR LIFE will Change for the better.
Important rules
He want us to love one another
Not to Judge each other
Help each other
Love your neibour as yourself
Do not Kill
Do Not take his name in vain

ITS hard I have not succeeded in not judging people yet and I am far from perfect
That’s what us humans are , but try to be aware of our faults and ask him for forgiveness and learning.
He does not want us to pay homage just to love him and respect him
Be part of his family,
but remember we are responsible for our actions
This is not a free ride, we will have to answer for actions
But if we repent and ask forgiveness and change our ways
He will save us from ourselves .
Its the least we can do after all he died and suffered for our sins ,so we
Don’t have too.
I hope this message will help you live a fuller life and know you are NEVER alone
He is always there for us, start building a relationship with him.
God bless you
A friend